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insideimg1.jpg (17015 bytes)After 18 years of working in the cruise industry as a pianist-entertainer, I am now ready to be grounded.

I would love to be a pianist-entertainer in the Phoenix, Arizona area, especially within the resort community. I am willing to travel and consider positions in Las Vegas, Nevada, Reno, Los Angeles, and Greater Arizona as well (Sedona, Tucson, etc.). I am also seeking to enlarge upon my musical theater experience and work in the educational environment. Being on a faculty at a college teaching jazz theory and piano, as well as jazz history and musicology would bring me much pleasure.

My name is Bobby Hamilton. I was born in Yonkers, NY, and raised in New York City. I attended Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY, and studied Theology at Colgate-Rochester Divinity School in Rochester, NY. My pianist training is from E. Vallalee Piano School-Yonkers, NY, Meheegan Jazz Studies. 

As a pianist/entertainer

As a resident of Syracuse, NY, I hosted WCNY-TV’s "All American Jazz" series and Jazz Programming at WAER-FM88. I was a featured performer in a Jazz Concert presented by the Syracuse Symphony orchestra, and taught piano and music theory at the community arts school.

I became a founding member of the Paul Robeson Performing Arts Company in 1981, the area’s only Afro-American Theater Group. In my capacity as company musical director, I directed several productions and contributed to the development of theatrical and musical talents within the membership of the organization. I was also quite active in the musical direction of the Salt City Performing Arts Company, as well as in productions at Syracuse Stage Professional Theater.

I performed with my own Jazz Combo and traveled the area with several lounge acts and performed in a variety of solo venues. In 1986, I went to work in the cruise industry primarily as a Pianist-Entertainer. In this venue, I have traveled extensively throughout the world and entertained audiences comprised of people from many backgrounds and places. This song list I have reflects but a small sample of the many tunes I am familiar with. I speak English, French and Spanish and enjoy photography and creative writing.

I have extensive background and experience in interacting with all kinds of people and feel I would be an asset to any entertainment program.

As an educator

I like teaching. It allows me to give something back. I have had many personal students over the years and taught at three community based Schools in Syracuse, NY. Salt City Center for the Performing Arts, Metropolitan School of Music, and the Paul Robeson Performing Arts School.

Basically I teach the student how to teach himself. Knowledge is available everywhere you look. Internalizing that knowledge is up to the student. The tools for learning are built in. I just help to bring them out. I teach a simplified approach to Jazz Harmony. Current methods are too complicated and make too much out of a music form that is best suited for the ear rather than the eyes.

Please contact me if you are interested in having me as an entertainer or an educator.

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